Hello! Won’t You Come In?

Why hello there, friend! Welcome to my blog.

I bet you’re going “Oh man! Not another one of these wanna-be writers’ blogs!”

Well… yeah. I’m a wanna-be writer and this is my blog. I can’t promise that the posts will always be relevant as I’m easily boondoggled by shiny things like movies and TV and cats and craft projects (ESPECIALLY craft projects and ESPECIALLY during Halloween!). I do promise to *try* to amuse as much as possible and on occasion, maybe impart a little wisdom.

So other than that, (extends hand) hello! I’m Tina. I’m a thirty-something living with my beau and my two crazy Siamese cats. I love my cat’s irrationally and think that when it comes to my beau I’m the luckiest girl alive. Seriously, friends, he makes AMAZING breakfast! And that’s not all he’s good at if you catch my drift (wink, wink). No, seriously. He’s beyond supportive of my writing endeavors and frequently wishes I’d get published so we could live la vida loca (HA!). But I digress.

So yeah… I’m a wanna-be writer and this is my blog.

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