Updates from Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the Northeast currently. Here in Philly this amounts to strong winds that occasionally cause the house to shimmy and rain constantly pounding on our roof. The cats are freaked out; the humans are drinking beer (Midas’ Touch, if anyone is interested).

So far we have not lost power. I kind of wish we would–I could get some writing done. Currently I’m eye-balls deep into a teen TV series best not mentioned here.

I’m still considering doing NaNo. The issue now is whether–if I participate–to continue my WIP, The Clockwork Cricket, or if I should attempt to bang out some words for this new contemporary YA work that’s been tickling the back of my brain. The two works have very little in common other than the fact the main characters are male… what’s up with that, I wonder?

How about the rest of you–anyone else passing time while Sandy huffs and puffs?

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