I GOT A JOB. I’ll be teaching Writing about Literature at a small liberal arts college in Miami. It’s been two years since I’ve had gainful employment. There was much of this:

Followed by some of this:

…and a lot of this:

And then my beau joined in with a little of this:

…and this:

We *might* have rocked out a little like this:

But rest assured, NOT  like this:

(Okay… I lied. We did!)

When my beau returned to his office to finish up some work, I found myself doing this:

…and this

… and maybe some of this:

Once I got myself under control a little bit, I shared the good news with my friends and family (via Facebook), they joined in with a little of this:

…and some of those friends and family were kinda like this:

I considered running downstairs and out on the porch to do this:

(But I didn’t).

I free styled twirled a little bit:

Just when I thought the excitement had died down:

Which got me started up again:

One final shimmy:

…before I collapsed in ecstatic exhaustion:

And this, my friends, all on the first day of NaNoWriMo (which I have decided to do… my profile can be found here if you want to be buds).

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