Friday Finds

How is everyone on NaNoWriMo? I kinda sucked this past week–I’m only at about 9,000 words. But my excuse is a good one (how many times have you hear THAT?): I was in Miami searching for an apartment. It’s lovely and has a gorgeous kitchen with a gas stove, which is impossible to come by in Miami. The process is a bit annoying–we had to submit a booklet of paperwork to the condo association and promise them our first born, but I remain optimistic that they’ll (the condo association) will approve the application.

As such, this week’s Friday Finds are kinda on the week side number wise (only two). BUT… they’re still kinda awesome!

  • One of the first books I ever truly loved was Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. It’s a beautiful story about a young native girl’s attempt to survive after all members of her tribe are forced to relocate. I read this book over and over one summer. Turns out it was real… 
  • I am fascinated by antique machines. This clockwork monk is fabulous.

And that’s all I got, friends. Short and sweet this week. Now… off to NaNo some more and see if I can catch up!


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