Friday Finds

So… it seems that all I post lately are Friday Finds.

Honestly, they’re all I have time for right now. Last week I was in Miami looking for a house, this week I’m packing. I’m still trying to NaNo but it’s going abysmally (as expected). I may just shelve this WIP and start something new in December.

What? I can do that, right? (I totally don’t need your permission! Right?)

So this week I’ve got some real interesting links for Friday Finds. As always, I try to keep them writing related… mostly.

  • Author Ken Liu swept the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards this year. Read a “A Paper Menagerie” by this amazing author here, via io9.
  • As someone who is hoping to some day make that transition from “”working stiff that writes” to “full-time writer”, I’m fascinated by how “for real” authors spend their days. Kurt Vonnegut liked to watch heart-breaking movies and Gretchen McNeil (author of the YA horror novels) writes in bed.
  • Lies writer’s tell themselves. I’m particularly susceptible to nos. 1, 4, 5, 13 (I obsessively check), and 18.
  • Chuck Wendig, book author and Terrible Minds blog curator, wrote an excellent post in response to yet more “fake geek girl” bashing by… geeks. Let’s be inclusive rather than exclusive, people!
  • Something I think about a lot, both because I have young male cousins and because I am writing a book with a male main character, is the role of masculinity in literature. Malinda Lo, author of Ash, wrote an excellent response to an article by Sarah Mesle (currently a Mellon Fellow in English at UCLA)–Mesle contends that the male in YA literature is “endangered.”
  • 31 debut authors offer some wise words of wisdom.
  • Write a first book is hard (can I get an amen up in here?). Author Holly Black offers some words of encouragement.
  • A hero’s goals shouldn’t–can’t–be a mystery. Matt Bird breaks down some awesome movies as really compelling evidence as to how to make your hero’s (or heroine’s) goals obvious.
  • I don’t read or write poetry but have IMMENSE respect for those who do. All of the poets in my MFA program has a far better grasp on how to make words work for them (color me envious) than I or any of my non-poetry writing cohort mates ever would. This article on the influence of Civil War poetry pretty much sums up why poetry rocks. You should go out and read some. Today.
  • James Bond’s Skyfall villian’s lair is real. It is abandoned and AWESOME.
  • So… how many of you would try to find the owner of $20,000 if you, ya know, “just found it” in a used book? And also… great reason to get thee to your local used book store!
  • Some wise words from author Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone). These are probably the most real words of wisdom and advice I’ve ever run across–and so easily applied to one’s OWN writing!
  • Last but not least, with Thanksgiving around the corner how about some pie? Check out Jane Austen’s apple pie recipe!

There you have it, friends. Some fine Friday Finds! 

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