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I GOT A JOB. I’ll be teaching Writing about Literature at a small liberal arts college in Miami. It’s been two years since I’ve had gainful employment. There was much of this:

Followed by some of this:

…and a lot of this:

And then my beau joined in with a little of this:

…and this:

We *might* have rocked out a little like this:

But rest assured, NOT  like this:

(Okay… I lied. We did!)

When my beau returned to his office to finish up some work, I found myself doing this:

…and this

… and maybe some of this:

Once I got myself under control a little bit, I shared the good news with my friends and family (via Facebook), they joined in with a little of this:

…and some of those friends and family were kinda like this:

I considered running downstairs and out on the porch to do this:

(But I didn’t).

I free styled twirled a little bit:

Just when I thought the excitement had died down:

Which got me started up again:

One final shimmy:

…before I collapsed in ecstatic exhaustion:

And this, my friends, all on the first day of NaNoWriMo (which I have decided to do… my profile can be found here if you want to be buds).

On Seeking Gainful Employment (Hopefully)

I have a job interview with a college in Miami, FL tomorrow. Truthfully, after two years of unemployment the prospect of a job makes me go like this:

The interview is for a position that I’ve occupied before–adjunct writing instructor–and is an occupation that I really love.  It is, admittedly, a time consuming job as there is a lot of prep and grading involved, but I really do enjoy being in the classroom working with students to help develop their writing skills. And all the better if it’s in a creative writing setting!

That being said, as I’m currently in Philadelphia, PA and the job is in Miami, FL, I’ll be doing my first ever Skype interview… which totally makes me feel thus:

I’ve spent two days trying to find just the right location ( a combination of blank wall and light) to set myself up in front of as well as trying to find books  to use to prop up the edges of my computer. They need to be the same thickness so that I’m not all lopsided on the screen; three of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice books plus all three of Steig Larsson’s Millennium Triolgy seem to be working well.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a job AND been serious about writing. Right now my writing schedule is free as they get: I do it whenever I damn well please. And often in my jammies. *If* I get this job, It’s going to require a hard look at what available time I have as well as what I’m willing to give up to finish the WIP. Nonetheless, I’m excited to *possibly* have a job again (it would be wonderful to no longer rely on the kindness of strangers my beau for total financial support). Wish me luck, friends!