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Friday Finds

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet. I may have (or not) awarded myself the title of Mistress of the Webnets (Judge me not! You know you’re jealous!). As such, I find some what I like to call Links of Awesome. This week’s links include the following:

  • Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, but left an indelible mark. The Atlantic shared some really sobering pictures of the NYC subway system post-storm. The final image shows exactly how much of the MTA–a vital entity of NYC–is currently not working.
  • Has anyone else seen Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings? It’s a brilliant little blog that “retells” classic fairy tales in just a few lines and always with a modern twist.
  • Ever wonder what some of literature’s most beloved characters would be like if they were real people? Well, some of them were… or at least were based on real people. My favorite tidbit from this one: Moby Dick was REAL.
  • Though this is not *technically* writing related, it’s something worth pausing and thinking about. Mandy from Grind Haus formulated a prefect response to the misogynistic treatment women often suffer at various Cons. And not just “geek” cons like ComicCon either, as author Genevieve Valentine’s experience at ReaderCon (a convention for aspiring sci-fi authors and their readership) . Sexual harassment is pervasive in Con culture, sadly.
  • Margaret Atwood is one of my all-time favorite authors; she writes brilliant and poignant books that make one think. Here she provides some wise words of wisdom for would-be writers.
  • NaNoWriMo is upon us. My word count is going well…because I’m cheating. I’m using NaNo as a sort of “game” to get words on the page in an unfiltered manner. If you’re still considering, there’s still time! To help you get started, or keep going, I suggest checking out this site of 60 tips collected over two years (via Galley Cat).
  • How many of you write genre fiction? Ever wonder why *some people* make such a big stink about reading/writing genre? The New Yorker tackles that question here.
  • And to dovetail on that last bullet point, here’s Slate’s analysis of Ursula K. LeGuin’s arguments about the need to classify “genre” as a moot and foolish endeavor.  LeGuin is a wise woman and her stories are timeless. I highly recommend picking up one of her books (Left Hand of Darkness is a good place to start) today.
  • Last but not least, a really wonderful and beautiful short story by Brook Wonders (via Clarkesworld): “Everything Must Go”

Oh! And a late additions:  A number of NYC agents and authors have banded together for an auction to benefit the Red Cross. The fabulous Jenna Malone of Jennifer Malone Writes has gathered them together on her blog. Feel free to take a look and make a bid!

And if one benefit auction wasn’t enough (because it’s not–seriously, people are hurting) here’s a SECOND one, Kid-Lit Cares. Same deal–take a look and bid on the posts.

Happy Friday!